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Taylors Lakes, Melbourne, Australia 3038

By appointment only. Available Mon to Sun


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Once you have discussed your needs with us and the fee that applies, payment can be made via PayPal and if in Australia, PayID.

*  Please note all services in US dollars

  • $120

    Distance Energy Healing

    • Follow up $90 per session
  • $120

    Hands on Energy Healing

    • Follow up $100 per session

  • $250

    Lightworker Protocol (one individual)

    • Couple $375, 3 – 4 people $500
    • Group of 5 – $625
    • Group of 6 – $750
    • Group of 6 – $750, Group of 7 – $875
    • Group of 8 – $1000
    • Recheck Clearing – $125
  • $280

    Special Introductory offer for LHP with Energy Healing Session

    • Follow up session $125
  • $125

    Lightworker Protocol (single pet)

    • Two animals $225
    • Three animals $325
    • Four animals $425
  • $125

    Lightworker Protocol (For location)

  • $125

    Helping departed loved one’s transition to the light

  • $175

    Deep Subconscious Channelling coupled with Holographic Memory Resolution DSC/HMR

  • Introductory offer, valid until the 1st March 2022
  • $250

    Higher Self Channelling

  • Introductory offer, valid until the 1st March 2022
  • $380

    Deep Subconscious Channelling with LHP

  • Introductory offer, valid until the 1st March 2022
  • $650

    Deep Subconscious Channelling 5 session package

  • Introductory offer, valid until the 1st March 2022

We understand that many people have special circumstances and considerations when it comes to healing needs, that cannot be easily met with our predefined healing services and pricing.

Some examples of such needs would be a landlord wanting to clear a large apartment building, or an individual with a large extended family who wants everyone to get a personal clearing, or a dog breeder who wants all their dogs and puppies to get an animal clearing. Of course, many folks are also on a fixed or limited income, and simply can’t afford the offered services, but have great need or desire for healing.

Please share your circumstances, thoughts, and ideas with us for a custom healing service, or your limitations in being able to afford the offerings, along with what you can afford in order to receive service, and we will consider your offer and respond with a quote we will feel is fair after giving full consideration to your special circumstances. We look forward to working with you! Please fill in the form on the Get In Touch page, and we will get back to you with a quote shortly. Please include a phone number if you would like us to contact you by phone. (Usually within 48 hours).

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